How it works?


  1. BROWSE the cottage listings for sale

  2. CONTACT the owner or agent of the property directly on the page’s contact button

  3. RECEIVE an email or phone call from the lister and coordinate directly with each other


  1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT and enter your personal information

  2. LIST your cottage with pictures and details of the property

  3. 24H REVIEW PROCESS we will review the property within 24 hours

  4. RECEIVE leads from the website

  5. SPEAK directly with your leads via email or phone


  • Transactions are not done on the website

  • You are in charge of speaking to one another about the property

  • This website is purely to bring people into contact


Our registration process is quite easy and affordable.

You will have access to a niche market for your cottage.

  • You have full control of your ads and contacts.
  • No charges or additional percentage will be applied to your real estate listings.
  • You can cancel your registration at any time.

How listings work


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