You Gotta Eat the Canadian “BEAVERTAIL"

You Gotta Eat the Canadian “BEAVERTAIL"'s picture
Sara Gill

The North American beaver, or as we call it in Canada, simply beaver, is the national animal of Canada. He is represented on the Canadian nickel (5 cents).


The beaver is a semi-aquatic animal that builds dams with sticks, twigs, rocks and mud in lakes, streams and rivers with the purpose of escaping predators. Beavers also feed on the bark of the tree when it eats it, to create dams.



But now for the actual ‘BEAVERTAIL’ treat! This treat is well known in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Despite the name, beaver tails do not contain beaver. The tail would probably have a taste of rubber anyway. Instead, it's a way more delicious and ethical pastry that looks like a beaver tail in its immitational shape.



The pastry has a donut taste with a more mellow, soft texture. The dough is fried in canola oil and once cooked, it is brushed with butter and covered with an assortment of sweet or savory ingredients. The so-called "original" beaver tail is that with cinnamon and sugar (as displayed above).

On the other hand, there are many flavors that change depending on the time of the year (when there may be special combinations) or the place. There may be maple butter, chocolate, or even cheese!



Today, the BeaverTail chain has a greater concentration in Quebec than anywhere else in Canada or globally. Contrary to what many people think, beaver tails do not come from Quebec. It was an Ontario creation, from the Pam and Grant Hooker families, that sold the pastries for three generations before they decided to commercialize in 1978 in the small town of Killaloe, two hours west of Ottawa. On June 2, 1980, the Hooker family opened its first permanent window in Ottawa's Byward Market.

BeaverTails locations vary and in order to have a complete list you can check the BeaverTails website. Have you tried it before? Which one did you try?'s picture
An avid nature lover, animal-snuggler and outdoor activity enthusiast. Sara spent her childhood summers swimming, canoeing, hiking, and enjoying the breahtaking landscape of Quebec at her family cottage. With a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Ottawa, Sara is a frequent contributor to Waterfront Cottage Life, where she fuses her passion for Marketing and the Canadian landscape.


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