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The Canadian Experience: Our Blog

The North American beaver, or as we call it in Canada, simply beaver, is the national animal of Canada. He is represented on the Canadian nickel (5 cents). The beaver is a semi-aquatic animal that builds dams with sticks, twigs, rocks and mud in lakes, streams and rivers with the purpose of escaping predators. Beavers also feed on the bark of the tree when it eats it, to create dams. But now for...
La poutine québécoise
What is a « Poutine » and how do you say it? Poutine, pronounced (poo-tin), is often described as the Canadian « salad », with ingredients that will have your mouth water for days. It might look gross at first, but once you taste it, you will never look at it the same. The exact details of the invention is slightly disputed but one of the most probable stories is that Jean-Paul Roy, owner of a...
Quebec, really is a unique place that hosts more than french speaking Canadians, it has incredible scenery, fauna & flora. It’s the biggest province in Canada and fosters a variety of animals with around 650 vertebrae species spread out across all animal groups, be it mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and turtles. When you love nature and you’re in Quebec, there is always beauty...

Frequently Asked Questions:

Once somebody uses the contact form to speak with you, you will receive an email and from there can speak directly with the person.

Yes! We accept three advertising options and each option offers different visibility. Prices are per month, minimum one month. The ad must have a relevant link to tourism and cottages. For example a bank for financing, a taxi company, a hotel, a service that rents boats, etc.

The cost is only $9.99CAD per month plus taxes. The payment is recurring but can be canceled at any time by visiting the property link and pressing the cancel button. Sign up now and get your first month free.

No. Waterfront Cottage Life is not responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers. We have no compensation for sales or transactions.

You can either create an account and register the listing or if you don’t have the time, we can upload your properties for you. We only need the registration number and our administrative staff can input data for you for $25.00 per property.


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